• Written by Andreas Kusserow

Open Space

Who does not know it? One is visiting an interesting conference with many simultaneous presentations in different streams, and has to hurry from one presentation to the next without a break. After some time exhaustion sets in, because of the constant flow of information you are exposed to. Sometimes you are angry and dissatisfied afterwards because you think you should have chosen a different and possibly more interesting presentation instead of the one you actually listened to. Talking to colleagues of the same field is only possible in the small breaks of the conference, and that even though the discoveries gained by these conversations are often a lot more useful for taking home.

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  • Written by Markus Stockhausen

Generation +1

Young employees at the start of their career are easy to motivate. Only time reveals, if the company knows how to use their potential in a lasting, sustainable way. A frequent error is to underestimate their abilities, particularly if the task is not in their specific field of expertise, although especially the young employees approach new topics in a more unbiased way. No ifs and buts, they simply do it. One only has to support them. Why should a medium-sized consulting company like Collogia not use this potential to advertise itself? Or the other way round: Can an administrator with only 6 months of work experience (significantly) support the company? Let’s consider it …

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